Artists and Bands

A notice to Australian Artists and Bands.

Vox FM has shows that are looking at playing new Australian Music. Our specialty shows include: 


The Australian Independent Music Show 

Hosted by Mr Ben Hession

Monday nights at 10 pm


Doing it locally 

Hosted by Craig and Rob

Saturday evening at 6 pm


Other shows that can play your music are:

On air / playout - Monday night at 8 pm

Pink nation - Monday 9 pm

Indie forever - Tuesday 8pm

Eclectic avengers - Tuesday 10pm

Koori time - Thursday 8pm

Reigning metal - Thursday 10pm

The underground - Saturday 8pm

The blues train - Saturday 10pm


If you would like your music to be played on air. Please email a link to your music to or to our music library manager at 

So what happens at Vox FM when you email a copy of your music?

The way our station works is. All emails get processed by the music library manager, all music attached to the emails are downloaded and listened to, and sorted. The music is then placed on the music libarary computer for all presenters to get a copy. The music libarary manager will then recommend to our presenters about your music. It is the presenters choice of what they choose to play in their show. 

DATE : 20/07/2020

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