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Vox out and about

Vox FM @ Spring into Corrimal

It is 8.45 am on a Sunday Morning, and yesterday was one of those bone chilling windy days here in the Illawarra, but today is different. Yes, cold but not too bad. The crowd are building up in Short Street in Corrimal, a small contingent from Vox FM arrive to marshall for the parade. A bit disappointing but, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of our volunteers who did make it. We are lined up ready to go, get a couple of snap shots. Moving up the Princess Highway, the crowds lining the street were getting thicker on each side of the road. Over the first hill and we could see paraders infront of us and behind us with a crowd that was estimated at 60,000 strong. Totally breathtaking to be a part of a wonderful community radio station and to promote it in a very public way.