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Vox FM Fashion Parade

Fashion parade with a twist

Tuesday 22nd October 2019 saw the Fashion parade with a twist.

This event started with compere Lilian Wings hitting the microphone and telling a couple of jokes... Then the twist happened. 

Lets Twist Again was played and a series of presenters and guests hit the dance floor to stut their stuff.

Our first of two fashion parades then followed with our models (pictured here). 

After the first parade the heat got turned up with I'm too Sexy and our boys hit the dance floor to strut their stuff.

Our second fashion parade continued. 

Then shock horror (more horror) Our model from Paris entertained the crowd and we had a beautiful acapella performance from Vox FM own: Kachina Lewis (what a fantastic voice). The fashion parade ended, there was lucky door prizes, raffles and sales of brilliant clothing and items. 

Vox FM Raised over $1,300 from this event alone, and a huge thank you goes out to: Golden Girls Fashion for supporting Vox FM Fashion parade with a twist. All of the fundraising committee, all of the volunteers who helped on the day of the fashion parade, and everyone who attended the fashion parade.