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New Release Digital Album - Make it rain

New release Album

Dashville Skyline presents - Make it rain

This is a double digital album from Dashville Skyline to support our farmers in drought affected areas. 

The album is available for purchase at:  Click here

Here is the song list for this impressive double album


C.W. Stoneking - Way Out In The World
Magpie Diaries – Beat Myself Up
Georgia State Line - Dry My Tears 
Ben Leece - Highway Not The Dream 
Grace Turner - Dead or Alive
Perch Creek - Saviour Someday
Ruby Gilbert - Cold Hearted Killers 
Davey Craddock - Madeline
Adam Young - Bluer Skies 
Fallon Cush - Long Shot
Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes - I Hope That I'm Wrong
Sam Newton - Stare Into The Dark
The San Sebastian - Red River 
Melody Pool - Better Days
James Thomson - Can't Go Home This Way
Cat Canteri - The Only One
Dave Wells – The Curse
Lo Carmen - Last Thing I’ll Remember
Ralway Bell - Caught in the Crossfire
William Crighton - Riverina Kid (Live at Junkyard)


The Waifs - Ironbark 
Papa Pilko and The Binrats - Go It Alone
Halfway - Crescent Lagoon 
The Dennis Boys – Late One Night
Hat Fitz and Cara - Doing It Again
James Ellis and The Jealous Guys - Have You Ever Seen Her
Steel City Sue - Anymore
Pony Face - Justine
Baghead – Gone For The Night
Demi Mitchell - Dancing in the Sand
The Settlement - Loving On You 
Jen Mize - Deepwater 
Nicholas Connors - Other People
Family Fold - Brother's Name
Lucie Thorne & Hamish Stuart - Blackwing
The Bushwackers - Leave It In The Ground
The Sweet Jelly Rolls - W.H.I.S.K.E.Y
19-Twenty - Eyesight to the Blind
The Mezcaltones - Humble Pride
The Slowdowns – The Beer Song


For our presenters this digital album will be available to play these songs in the new music folder on PC2 on Tuesday 6th November 2018.