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From our Newsletter 4

Vox Radio 2018 Programming Report


Vox Radio has had a great interest in its members being part of the new 2018 Programming Committee with 9 current past and new committee members being elected.

The programming committee members are: - Peter Blom, Judy Clare, Daniel Demaagd, Tony Konjarski, Craig Mansell (music library co-ordinator), Wayne Melvaine (training co-ordinator), Barry Butler (assistant programming secretary), Allan Bird (programming secretary) and Ben Hession (Vox board member and programming chairperson)

The programming committee would like to congratulate the following members/presenters on their new time slots: -  Lee Jones with his 2 Hours of Country Music program on Thursdays between 10am-noon, Frank and Faye Costello with their Easy Listening Music on Thursdays between 1pm-3pm. Wendell Francis, Natalie Flores and Mervin Roberts with 

The Underground on Saturdays between 10-midnight, (See photo below).

Keith Hiskens with Reigning Metal on Thursdays 10pm-midnight, Riley Jones and Bradley Sullivan with The Midnight Hour on Fridays midnight-2am.


Also some of the new presenters joining current existing programs on air including:-  Stefan Posthuma joining Jesse Begley on The Grapevine Mondays from midday-1pm, Bryce Pauling, Chloe Lane-Williams, Amanda Craig (Mandy), joining Craig Jones, Robert Biste and Jamel Abdul on Doing It Locally Saturdays 6pm-8pm,

Bill Montgomery (Monty) joining Charlie Taylor on Vox Alba every alternative Fridays 1pm-3pm, Dave Tinelt on Koori Time every Thursdays 8pm-10pm, Aleen Banzon on Mabuhay Radyo Sundays 2pm-3pm, Rosie Dawne joining Martin Henchion on A Touch Of Blarney every Monday 10am-midday, Ruth Manski joining Joe Patterson on Patto’s Country every Wednesday 10am-midday, Tatjana Neskovska on Tavce Gravce every Sunday 6pm-8pm, and Sylvia Jarvis joining Pat Nolan on The Emerald Isle every Wednesday 1pm-3pm.


The Programming Committee at their last meeting has decided to form a Training Sub-Committee to deal with all aspects of training items including: - training new presenters, re-training some current ones already on air, which will include production, writing, editing, podcasting and the use of talk back and the portable new studios.


With the new training committee, we are looking to make sure, all new presenters are trained by our skilled Vox approved trainers rather than by other presenters who are currently on air. This has happened on many occasions in the past particularly when new presenters who may belong to an existing group who is already on air. By getting all new presenters to go through the proper processes of being trained should stop Vox radio presenters in making any mistakes or misunderstandings through proper training and filling out all the necessary forms before being allowed to go on air. This includes doing a demo program for the programming committee to listen to and find out if the new presenter is ready to go on air.


To help us into making all this happen, we are currently looking for more trainers to join the Training Sub-Committee of Wayne Melvaine, Sylvia Richards, Ben Hession, John Traynor and Allan Bird. We are practically encouraging our female members and members who may come from a non-English speaking background to join our new Training Committee to help us give our members a diverse choice in trainers.


If you would like to be a part of this new dynamic group of trainers, then you can contact us via Vox on 42273436 by phone during office hours, on line by emailing us on office@voxfm.org.au or just drop by at our current location of 6 Ellen Street Wollongong. In addition, even if you do not have the current skills of being a trainer, the training committee will make sure in you’re trained in all aspects of radio operations.