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From our Newsletter 2

Fundraising Report:

The Radiothon went well, the response was great and having the draw for two nights stay at Park Regis Hotel in Melbourne would have increased in the number of listeners giving to the Radiothon. Overall, we have raised $6,795 part of which a $500 donation that came from an annonymous VOX member thank you very much. A big thank you to all the people who donated to our Radiothon. We appreciate your support.


Our Community Chest - A special mention needs to be made to Keith Murphy who not only sold the most amount of tickets but for also organising for Vox to have a stall at The Octoberfest Germania Club, Warrawong and Figtree Shopping Centres. Also, helpers Erika Kothe, Barrie Keenahan and Tony Konjarski who took time in helping Keith out. We are hoping that we can attract more presenters to help out with selling tickets, it’s always fun working together to raise valuable funds for our radio station.


We also had a very successful Trivia Night which raised $850 and last month’s T-Shirt sale came to $50.


With regards to the Vox Festival in Stuart Park we were going to have in 2018, this has now been postponed for possibly the following year of 2019 due to missing out on the cut-off date for the Wollongong Council Grants. Vox has had several positive meetings with Wollongong Council’s Multi-cultural and Events staff members. This included Wollongong Mall management and other organisations with the view of promoting their own events with the caravan.



If you would like to be a part of the Fund-raising committee or any other Vox Radio committee for that matter, please drop by our studios which are currently located at 6 Ellen Street Wollongong or alternatively you can either send us a message via email on office@voxfm.org.au or call our office number on 42273436 during 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday and someone there will let you know how to go about joining one of our hard working volunteer committees.