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From our Newsletter

VOX on the Move


After many months of investigating a suitable premise for VOX to relocate to, the journey began to wear us down. Facing many obliging possibilities only to find the places too small, too expensive and too good to be true. We soldiered on and took valuable advice from Sharon Bird MP, from BlueScope to TAFE, to The Fraternity Club, just to name a few. We plodded our way from place after place, phone call after phone call, and feeling deflated, we finally landed a meeting with council members at VOX Ellen St.

This meeting was to be the beginning of a worthwhile assignment and the landing of our new home in Tallegalla St Unanderra.


The Building Committee, comprising of Bobby Little, Steve Despotovski, Barrie Keenahan and Lilian Wings, met with the Council’s Property Manager Elizabeth Morgan and Peter Coyte. Together they negotiated a deal that was suitable.


The assistance and advice from our announcers, volunteers and members was outstanding and very welcomed. The team spirit we encountered from our own VOX people was just amazing and everyone was assisting us in every way possible.


After an enthusiastic presentation from Barrie Keenahan, at a normal VOXFM board meeting Thursday 8th February 2018 a motion was carried to sign the lease agreement. Friday 9th February 2018 the signed lease agreement was delivered to the office of Peter Coyte, Wollongong City Council. (The reason why the board of directors had to act quickly was there were other organisations also wanting the site who also had contacted Wollongong City Council.)


Meetings with Gareth Ward, Paul Scully, Sharon Bird, Nathan Brown, David Brown, and Tania Brown proved to be hugely valuable as we now have advice and guidance on various grants we may be eligible for.


On this note I would like to thank my colleagues in the Building Committee, all the VOX people who gave assistance and support, (too many of you to name) and members of the Board. Chris Lacey from the MCCI and all the Neighbourhood Forums for their continual support in our re-location.


Below are, a couple of example plans subject to change, and a plan of how the place can look when it is complete.  Great work everyone!



Lil Wings and Barrie Keenahan will be presenting a PowerPoint Q&A on the night of the next General Meeting: 28th March 2018 at the Builder’s Club at 7pm. We hope all our members can join us for this valuable information.