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5-6pm Monday

Call for Expressions of Interest


Monday 5p.m. to 6p.m. Timeslot



The Programming Committee has agreed to call for expressions of interest in the Monday 5-6pm. timeslot.


The Committee also agreed that the timeslot be reserved for ethnic programming.


The criteria that are being considered for the program are therefore:


a)      People or groups wanting to present the program who are current, financial members of VOX FM.

b)      People or groups who have been trained and approved to go to air.

c)      A readiness to adhere to the obligations as stated in the Presenters Agreement.

d)      A readiness to adhere to all VOX FM programming policies and procedures.

e)      A readiness to adhere to all of the guidelines set by the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF), in particular, presenting a program with 50% spoken word content.

f)       For an ethnic audience not already represented on Vox FM’s program schedule.


If you believe that you or your group are able to meet these criteria and would like to present a radio program on Monday, between 5p.m. and 6p.m., then please submit a written expression of interest to the Programming Committee by 25 July 2018, either by post to PO Box 1663, in person, or via e-mail through office@voxfm.org.au.



Allan Bird


Programming Committee

Illawarra Community FM Broadcasters Limited

(Trading as VOX FM).