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Our Multicultural Station

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date: Thu 1st August 2019

Location: ACT 0 Australia

Time: 12:00am - 11:59pm

Cost: Free

At Vox FM we have a huge amount of multicultural shows:

On Mondays

5 pm Voice of Valetta 

6 pm Voz Portuguesa



5 pm Dutch Connection

6 pm Voces Populares



5 pm Dutch Connection

6 pm The Serbian Program



6 pm Greek Voice



5 pm Polish Program

7 pm El Rincon Latino

9 pm Bosnian Community Program



10 am Stargazers and German Program



6 am Pukapuka

8 am Coation community

10 am Slovenian Voice

11 am Izgrev Sunrise

2 pm Mabhay Radyo

3 pm Pattpetti Malayalee

4 pm Serbian program

5 pm Cypriot Community

6 pm Tavce Gravce

8 pm Geetmala Indian Community


Also there are program's from Ireland: Monday at 10 am with A touch of Blarney and Wednesdays at 1 pm Music an song from the Emerald Isle. Scotland on Friday's at 1 pm with Vox Alba