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New music

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date: Wed 13th February 2019

Location: wollongong NSW 2500 Australia

Time: 12:00am - 11:59pm

Cost: Free

New music added to our computer system tonight

Tonight the music library will be addind 99 new songs to our computer system, they can be found on the desktop of Computer 2 in both studios. 

Check out some of the artists that you can discover in this folder:

Allan Caswell - Mexico - Singer songwriter Australia

Ashe Jeffries - If you were my hero - Alternative rock, Brisbane

Bailen - I was wrong - soft rock, easy listening USA

Beckon fire - Lonely - electronic pop, sunshine coast Au

Aurora - Animal (Alternative, Norway)

Chalkie White - Star in your car - country songwriter USA

Dallas Smith - Rhinestone world - country rock Canada

Formidable vegetable - Grow a garden - funk soft rock, Fremantle, Tas

I'm With her - Call my name - blues alternative USA

Jealous of the birds - Blue eyes - alternative rock Ireland

Gothum - The curse of true romance - singer songwriter, koori

Nakotomi - Hibernation - electro pop, south Australia

PNK FME - Infatuation - vocalist, songwriter, Adelaide

Stephen Wrench - If it ain't happened - rock, blues, country rock USA

The Pigs - Hillbilly sythesiser - rock pop australia

The Franky Valentine Projext - The party (has just begun) singer songwriter Australia

The wolfman - Don't you quit (edm Germany)


This is just a sample of what you can find in this folder so please take the time to check it out and consider using new material on your show.